– These sites offer a wealth of photography tutorials as well as gear reviews
Ken Rockwell
Ming Thein
Strobist: flash and speedlight tutorials under “Lighting 101” and “On Assignment”.

– Some books I have found useful
The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression, Bruce Barnbaum
Black & White Photography Field Guide, Michael Freeman
The Photographer’s Eye, Michael Freeman (På svenska: Med fotografens ögon)
The Moment It Clicks, Joe McNally

– Some Photographers I follow
Lindsay Adler
Gordon Andersson
David Bicho
Joel Grimes
John Hagby
Ernst Henry
Joe McNally
Benny Ottosson

– Some of the photographers I shoot with from time to time
Jan Tingström – Photodroid
Sture Svensson
Tim Swuste
Mathias Röjfors
Ulf Bodmar

Stay curious and keep practicing! /Sven

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
                                                                                 Oscar Wilde